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REBELMANN is definitely living up to the band's name by bucking trends and pursuing a career in the genre of  rock, and entertainment branding.  The Chicago-based band consists of Clayton Mann, 16, and his twin brothers, Johnathon and Bryce Mann, 18.


Newly introduced to the brand is music's own Super Hero ~ REBELMANN! The brand expansion will include comics, cartoons, television, movies and merchandising.
































REBELMANN was voted into The Recoring Academy, which oversees the GRAMMY Awards, when there were just 13- and 16- years old.  The 3 REBELMANN brothers write, perform, and produce their own music, thus garnering the band  "Chicago Music Awards Most Talented Teens 2012," and consideration for the 58th Grammy Awards. 


It was apparent from an early age that Clayton, Bryce, and John had their sights set on music.  REBELMANN has opened for LA Guns on New Year's Eve at the famed Whisky-a-Go-Go on Sunset Strip, West Hollwood; backlined Gene Simmons at Rock Fantasy Camp; and rocked Music Row.

“John is my twin so we always did everything together when we were younger,” says Bryce. “John started taking drum lessons so I started taking drum lessons. We can be competitive so I had to be better than him."

While John was actually drawn more to the guitar since around five years of age, the super-fast southpaw became even more enthralled with the instrument when he started performing at guitar recitals. Clayton tells a similar story.

“I have always loved music. I remember being hooked on guitar after playing in a recital when I was ten,” Clayton remembers. “I knew I wanted to do it again and again. I wanted to take it bigger and to the next level even then.”

Even with such great opportunities presenting themselves for the band, all three members of REBELMANN have focused on keeping their feet on the ground and using their music to help others. They were part of a recent Teen Nation Tour, which reaches out to youth all over the United States to deliver a strong message against bullying. Teen Nation shows saw REBELMANN performing in several states: including Texas, Michigan, Mississippi, Georgia, and more.

“Bullying is such a big problem,” states Clayton. “Making a difference in the schools is a big deal and it is better for kids to hear about bullying from kids their own age, instead of an adult. We shared our stories of bullying and that helped them share their stories.”

John echoes Clayton's comments knowing what it is like to be different from everyone else. The energetic guitar player has Auditory Processing Disorder. APD encompasses a wide range of hearing problems, but in John's case, it makes it difficult for him to process the differences in vowel sounds.

“Kids are intimidated to tell their stories,” he points out. “No one wants to tell an adult, but after they hear us tell our stories and how we pushed through it, they're more confident to tell their story.  We let them know bullying won't stop us.  It just makes us more determined.”

While the music industry has become overpopulated by “me first” personalities and egos, the guys making up REBELMANN have made it a point to put others first.

“There is nothing better than being on stage and making the fans feel something good. It's about making them feel something that lasts forever in just one 5-minute song,” states Johnathon.

Clayton is also a big believer in putting the spotlight on the people supporting their music.  “Living a positive impact on people, on the fans,” says Clayton. “It is about what I leave for them. Not the money you make, not the car you drive, or the house you live in. I plan on making a positive impact on other people's lives.”

“Fan interaction is awesome,” reiterates Bryce. “There is nothing like playing live."  REBELMANN may have their feet on the ground, but these three teenagers from the Windy City have their eyes on the stars.

And don't forget the new SuperHero ~ REBELMANN!

REBELMANN ~ Music's New Super Hero!
     Check out
      Original - Long Black Limousine
                  Coming Soon!

Whether they are opening for legendary rock bands like LA Guns or traveling the nation speaking out against bullying, brothers Clayton, Bryce, and John Mann are capturing the hearts of fans with their youthful spin on Rock and Roll!


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